Our Vision

Contribute to a happier humanity. 

Our Mission

At Dolfi, we are on a mission to bring ultrasonic technology to people's everyday lives.

We create stylish, highly functional and smart products with ultrasonic technology in its core, that make the life of many different people around the globe easier and more fun.

Our Story

The startup company Dolfi made headlines worldwide in 2015 when it successfully launched its crowdfunding campaign for the portable ultrasonic washing device. Almost 8000 backers supported the project and company raised over $1 million dollars to bring the prototype to a mass production.

After many months of setbacks and thanks to the team’s hard work, the company has successfully overcome manufacturing and supply chain hurdles and made the leap to a mass-produced product. The company has already shipped thousands of devices to their crowdfunding supporters and now their innovative ultrasonic washing device is available for people worldwide.

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