Our Story

Dolfi is a German brand with international attitude. We create elegant hi-tech products with ultrasonic technology at their core, that make the life of many people around the globe easier and more fun.

Dolfi begun its journey in 2014, when the very first prototypes of the portable ultrasonic washing device were developed in cooperation with Swiss engineering lab MPI Ultrasonics.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Dolfi device launched in 2015 and made headlines around the world. The project successfully raised over $1m USD from around 8k supporters in over 90 countries to turn the prototype into a real manufactured product. 

Dolfi IGG Campaign.jpg

In the same year Dolfi begun strategic cooperation with CUE (Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering) at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK. CUE is one of the world’s biggest hubs for ultrasonic engineering with amazing state of the art equipped laboratories and over 50 academic researchers and scientists specializing in ultrasonic tech. This access to highly skilled and experienced ultrasonic technology engineering resources is the base and driving force for innovative solutions implemented in Dolfi products.


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